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Why and how can your company benefit from Digital Innovation?

Questioning how your company can benefit from Digital Innovation?

With so much competitive moment in the market, regardless of the sector, the biggest risk that companies need to avoid is staying out of the digital innovation process.

After all, with technology evolving at such an insane pace, companies need to know how to tap their full potential.

Companies are going to need to adopt the mindset that innovating is the first step in making your company even more competitive. Winning the “competitiveness trophy” comes not just by having a good idea.

The businesses that stand out are those that reinvent themselves and who are always looking for new ways to improve their activities and satisfy their customers.

Still have doubts about all this? Then check out 5 examples of digital innovation that will leverage your company!

Start with the concept of Digital Innovation

Digital innovation is based on the use of technology in everyday business. But that is not all. In fact, it is a process of transforming the culture of a business, which begins to behave in a more innovative way.

In practice, the idea is much broader than it seems. It involves a change in the way the company and its employees understand and work:

  • the relationship between the brand and its customers;
  • the operational processes of the business;
  • the use of technology and the digital world in favor of business growth.

So it can be said that digital innovation is the formation of a digital and technological culture in the company.

The business model is structured so that the potential existing in the tools and ideas is used to the maximum.

Observe the impacts of technology on your company’s day-to-day

You probably remember what the world was like before the Internet and the numerous solutions that came with it?

Not so long ago, our lives were absolutely reshaped by this technology and daily business was also greatly impacted.

Currently, not only the Internet, but other technological solutions, such as management software and digital signatures, are part of the reality of most companies.

There is no doubt that the technology is causing a transformation in the market. More traditional companies are embracing modernity and new business models are emerging, based entirely on innovation – legislators and fintechs, for example.

Manual activities have been replaced by automated and more productive processes and there is a strong tendency for entrepreneurs to invest even more in modernizing other stages of work.

In the end, there is no denying it: innovation is the future. Whoever goes against the current may not survive.

Discover 5 examples of digital innovation that will inspire you to use in your company

Are you one of those people who need to see to believe? With regard to business strategies, it is common for managers to be afraid, creating a certain resistance when faced with different ideas.

But there is no reason for these insecurities! 

You will see how digital innovation is the most promising way forward with the examples presented now. Check out!

1. Mobile devices

Smartphones, tablets, notebooks and the cloud storage itself are excellent examples of how digital innovation can favor the business environment. They provide mobility, agility and greater efficiency to the team, being able to be used by businesses of all sizes and all areas of activity.

Together with the internet, these resources can become great allies of your business, allowing routine activities to be performed in a much more efficient and simple way by employees.

2. Digital signature

Considering that time is money, think about how much you can save and earn in your day to day with the simple use of digital signature! In addition to making transactions much more secure, using a certificate provides more organization and resource savings, as you won’t have to spend on printing, stationery and document filing.

To guarantee the quality of the information and the protection of the data provided by the customers, as a strong encrypted infrastructure is used to store the information and the document.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are robots with the ability to conduct a conversation simulating interaction with humans. The implementation of the tool is simple and the benefits are quite expressive. Through it, it is possible, for example, to reduce the number of attendants, streamline the support provided to customers and solve simple and repetitive demands without human interference.

4. Cloud computing

Despite being a recent technology, cloud computing is unanimous when it comes to digital innovation. After all, it allows company documents and information to be stored securely in a virtual space. Technology is already part of everyday business, generating savings, efficiency, security and flexibility, essential factors for the development of small and medium-sized companies.

5. Internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is exactly what it promises: objects, machines and tools connected to the internet and with each other, with the aim of offering a better experience and comfort to human beings. Within the business universe, there are an infinite number of possibilities for this technology, which is gradually being incorporated into business routines.

How to insert Digital Innovation in your business?

The digital age is already a reality and there is no way to ignore it. In fact, anyone who is not willing to reinvent and insist on archaic and inefficient methods will certainly be left behind.

The examples we presented earlier are evidence that your company has a lot to gain from investing in technology. But how to implement these resources and put the business in a new phase?

Well, digital innovation has emerged to make work easier in all sectors. To take advantage of it, it is interesting to adopt some strategies, such as:

  • reformulate the business culture, making it more innovative;
  • avoid being stuck with common sense, giving more space for creativity;
  • prioritize investments in technology;
  • map processes to identify bottlenecks;
  • use the data to your advantage;
  • having innovative and credible partners;
  • know the technologies at your disposal;
  • seek a differential in the market.

Did you notice how digital innovation is a path of no return?

The world has changed and corporate life has been totally transformed by the internet and technological advances. To survive in the market and grow in a healthy and orderly manner, it is necessary to adapt and adopt an optimistic stance, open to disruptive ideas. Think about it!

Want to know a little more about Digital Innovation? Get in touch with Purpledecks and let’s talk how to leverage your company’s growth through Digital Innovation.

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